Funeral Service
Wilfred and Mary Jones
(Maternal Grandparents)
Jones Farm House
circa 1910
Tilling The Land
Uncle Gus
And His Plowing Horse Team
Uncle Clayton, Kathleen-
(my Mother), Aunty Betty and a Farm Neighbor
Taking Care of Business
With the Canadian herd of cattle
The Historic “Jersey Lily”
Arriving in Montana Style
A Fully Restored
Passenger Stagecoach Still Used
Our Children, Walter & Melissa
At the historic 'Jersey Lily' Saloon
Bill & Son, Walter
In the 'Ranching mode'
“Buckle Up Cowboy”
A few of the original
bison herd
The “Bunk And Biscuit”
Western Accommodations
The Moms And Dad Grazing
Spring Time
Rubbing the Old Coat Off
The smell of branding
is overwhelming
You Gotta Know How To Ride
(and Have A Fast Horse)
Dad Queuing Up
With His Harem
Get my point?
Getting Just
The Right Temperature
The Girls
look nervous
Toronto Jeff
Taking His Turn
Bill The Newbee
And Albert The Expert
Who's next?
The Ever Present
Supply Wagon
I wanna go this way...
Well I want to go THAT way!
Trying To Get A Photo Op
"Now this is what we're
gonna do fella's"
Line Up If You Can
For A Photo
John & Bill Talking “life”
Adjusting The Saddle
Having A Break
In The Shade
Our Texas Riding Champ
Good Friend
Kevin Bates
Jeff Scott
Days End For J.S.E.
Coffee And Sardine
Sandwiches… Um Um
Should I get another
herd or not?
Family Vacation in Paris
Eiffel Tower
Mom's 85th
Happy Birthday Kay
Melissa And Her Horse
Father Daughter dance
Father & Daughter Dance
VIDEO! Click image to view video.
Celebrating Success
The Summit Of Our 3 Day Mountain Climb
Meeting President Clinton
At The White House For Breakfast
Senator Bob Dole
WW II Veterans Memorial fundraising campaign
Bill, Bob Dole
and "Leader" his dog
Bill and a friend
from “Little House”
1896 Vintage Hearse
From Bill’s Memorabilia Collection